La Cocina

Our Product Family

Liven up your meals with our selection of gluten-free tortilla chips and authentic corn tortillas. You can find our products in retailers across Canada.

High-Quality Ingredients, Canadian Made

Our cherished family recipes and proprietary processes utilize only the finest ingredients to craft our gluten-free, Mexican food products.

Authentic, Stone-Ground, Corn Products

Authentic meals rely on authentic ingredients. Our corn tortillas embody the essence of traditional Mexican fare.

Light & Easy Snacking

Enjoy a light and effortless snacking experience with our ultra-thin chips, which offer an ideal balance of flavor in every bite. For those who prefer a heartier option perfect for dipping, we also provide a thick-cut variety.

Picture of Original Picture of Thick Cut Picture of Dijon Ranch Picture of Fiesta Picture of 6″ Corn Tortillas


Original Thick Cut Dijon Ranch Fiesta 6″ Corn Tortillas


Picture of Original

Our Original flavour features a thin, corn tortilla chip crafted from a perfect blend of the highest-grade, stoneground corn, and lightly salted.


Thick Cut

Picture of Thick Cut

Created through our unique process, our Thick Cut chips deliver the same authentic taste while boasting a thicker, restaurant-style texture, making them perfect for pairing with chunky dips or loaded nachos.


Dijon Ranch

Picture of Dijon Ranch

Savour our Dijon Ranch chips, made with the same recipe as the “Original” and lightly seasoned with our distinctive Ranch flavour, infused with mild onion, garlic, and sour cream.



Picture of Fiesta

Delight your taste buds with our Fiesta chips, made using the same recipe as the “Original,” then lightly seasoned with our Fiesta flavour, incorporating red bell pepper, cream cheese and chives.


6″ Corn Tortillas

Picture of 6″ Corn Tortillas

Appreciate the authenticity of our 6-inch round corn tortillas, made from stone-ground corn to deliver the genuine taste of traditional Mexican cuisine.



Original Thick Cut Dijon Ranch Fiesta 6″ Corn Tortillas


Buy Our Products

You’ll find our products in a variety of stores across North America; from major retailers to small shops and many others in between.


How it All Started

La Cocina Foods is a family owned and operated company that has been located in the heart of Canada since 1984.

What started as a small Tortilleria with a strong passion for Mexican cooking, has grown into the food company we are proud to be today.

The Heart of the Home

La Cocina, Spanish for "the kitchen," is where it all begins. Food has a unique ability to bring people together, transcend barriers, and foster relationships.

Our products are more than just food—they’re a gateway to feeding the soul.


Retail and Food Services

Our products are easily accessible across both Canada and the United States for retail and are also available in numerous locations for food service.



Take Pride in Your Work

Join a rapidly growing company and work alongside excellent people! Learn about the unique world of food production while getting top level wages and great perks (like free tortilla chips).